Night #16: Ghost Stories (2017)


Directed By: Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman

The brain sees what it wants to see, so goes a repeated refrain in Ghost Stories and in this case it’s what drives a paranormal debunker? What really gives someone the right to go into someone’s home and tell them that what they experienced and felt isn’t real? If I tell the debunker that there was a ghost in my room, who are they to tell me there wasn’t?

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Night #15: Malevolent (2018)


Directed By: Olaf De Fleur

Psychics are generally a shady bunch of people, pretending to contact the dead and generally robbing grieving people of their money, so I’m usually happy to see them get taken down a peg or two (Can you tell that today has been a long day?) and that’s just what a new offering from Netflix uh…offers.

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Night #13: The Last Shark (1981)


Directed By: Enzo G. Castellari

One thing’s for sure, it wasn’t a floatin chainsaw.”

Saturday’s usually seem like a good time for a creature-feature, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and dip into the murky world of Italian ripoff cinema with this blatant retreading of Jaws, it’s hardly finger-on-the-pulse stuff being as it came some 6 years later. Continue reading

Night #10: Paranormal Farm (2017)


Directed By: Carl Medland

Orbs. I thought I was going to see orbs and now I got bloody Freddy Kruger to deal with.”

Look on Amazon and type in either ‘Paranormal’ or ‘Haunted’ and you will get a plethora of garbage looking movies to choose from.  You want haunted streets, haunted lanes, haunted hospitals, haunted cul-de-sacs, haunted Ford Fiestas well you got it. They’re all the same low-budget, cheaply made schlock but they can’t all be bad can they? Even something called Paranormal Farm.

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