Night #24: Occult (2009)


Directed By: Koji Shiraishi

We’re taking our first foray to the east with Occult, from the director of Noroi which I had covered before and liked a lot. Turns out he had made a whole series of movies in a similar vein and to varying degrees of success.

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Night #23: Planet Of The Vampires (1965)


Directed By: Mario Bava

I’ll tell you this, if there ‘are’ any intelligent creatures on this planet… they’re our enemies.”

Alright, so we’re going way back to the swinging 60s for this one with a look at Mario Blood And Black Lace Bava’s foray into sci-fi released in the same year. It isn’t as accomplished as that movie was, but that doesn’t mean it’s without merit. Though it mostly is without merit.

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Night #21: I Walked With A Zombie (1943)


Directed By: Jacques Tourneur

Frankly, it was something of a shock to see my patient that way for the first time. Nobody had told me Mrs. Holland was a… mental case.”

Sometimes these things are good to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and to spend a dreary Saturday* watching something that I wouldn’t normally watch. This one feels more like a Sunday movie, which I can’t really explain other than to say there are some things good for a Saturday night and some things that are good for a Sunday afternoon. Make sense? Good.

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Night #19: The Invisible Man (1933)


Directed By: James Whale

He’s invisible, that’s what’s the matter with him. If he gets the rest of them clothes off, we’ll never catch him in a thousand years.”

Well after The Island Of Lost Souls I thought I would carry on the HG Wells theme with a look at another adaptation of his masterworks with The Invisible Man. To be honest this has never been my favourite of the classic Universal horror flicks and I will now attempt to explain my blasphemy.

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