Night #31: The Fog (1980)


Directed By: John Carpenter

Look for the fog.

Well I was going to do a big buildup and maybe suggest that I watched Halloween and then you were going to be shocked that I watched this instead and we were all going to laugh about about it but there’s no avoiding that, taking a little break from tradition, I watched The FogContinue reading


Night #30: Let’s Scare Jessica To Death (1971)


Directed By: John D Hancock

It’s not the cake!”

Well this is certainly an interesting one. I wanted to jump back and pick up something I hadn’t seen before for the penultimate night and well, this seemed as good a choice as any. With its Giallo-sounding title I expected something else certainly, but what I got was pretty interesting on its own.

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Night #29: Happy Birthday To Me (1981)


Directed By: J. Lee Thompson

You’d be proud of me now, mother. All the kids like me.

Today we’re taking a trip to the chilly climbs of Canada for this one, which probably deserves to be better known than what it is. As the poster promises it’s six of the most bizarre murders you’ll ever see, so does the movie live up to it?

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Night #28: Death Spa (1989)


Directed By: Michael Fischa

Do you like hard bodies? Do you like stories about vengeful ghosts? Did you think you were actually watching the other movie about a killer at a gym, the amazingly titled Aerobicide? Congratulations you’re me.

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Night #27: The Canal (2014)


Directed By: Ivan Kavanagh

Well 27 nights in and we get our first British production. I’m not sure why but I’m never all that keen on British horror movies, or British movies in general for that matter (Did you know that it’s grim up north?). I understand how dumb that makes me sound so lets get on with this.

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Night #26: Night Train To Terror (1985)


Directed By: John Carr, Phillip Marshak, Jay Schlossberg-Cohen (Yes it took 3 people to make this)

No way! I think this train is coooool!”

Holy shit.

Sometimes a movie comes along that kind of astounds you. Of course, that can be a good thing but more often than not it’s a sign of something pretty bad. What do you think this one is?

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Night #25: Horror Express (1972)


Directed By: Eugenio Martin

Tell me, Mirov, what do you know about all the filth that’s going on here?”

Two Hammer legends combine in…not a Hammer movie. But that doesn’t matter because Horror Express comes with charms all of its own. The year is 1908 and Christopher Lee has discovered a man frozen in the ice. Being British in a foreign land he puts it in a box and brings it back home, seemingly thinking he has the right.

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