Night #23: Just Before Dawn (1981)


Directed By: Jonathan Lieberman

I picked this up at random after looking at the They Shoot Zombies Don’t They? list on Letterboxd. The setup seems simple enough but the blurb promised “a twist” at the midpoint. Naturally, I’m easily suckered in so I went for it.

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Night #22: [Rec] 4: Apocalypse (2014)


Directed By: Jaume Balaguero

Well, I don’t think you’re going to get too fun a time with something that’s called Apocalypse (can you guess how it ends) but here we are with the fourth and final part of the [Rec] saga. This time land wasn’t good enough so we’re on a boat! Cue The Lonely Island.

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Night #21: [Rec] 3: Genesis (2012)


Directed By: Paco Plaza

I was a pretty big fan of both [Rec] and [Rec] 2 when I first saw them (and I think covered in previous years). I even enjoyed the American remake of the first, called Quarantine when I saw it, even though it’s almost identical with a couple of neat differences thrown in. They were strong entries in the found-footage genre so when I saw the trailer for this I have to admit I kind of checked out. But was I right to?

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Night #19: Quatermass And The Pit (1967)


Directed By: Roy Ward Baker

Today we take our first, but not last, foray into Hammer with another attempt at the Quatermass stories. I covered their initial attempt, The Quatermass Xperiment last year and liked the slice of quintessentially British sci-fi. I’m not sure how happy Hammer were though (And indeed original writer Nigel Kneale) since the Quatermass here is much more of what was originally intended, and of course, there’s that glorious Eastman colour.

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Night #17: Motel Hell (1980)


Directed By: Kevin Connor

Sometimes I wonder about the karmic implications of these actions.

I don’t know how to categorise this one. Perhaps we should go with ‘black comedy’ instead of ‘horror’, but even that doesn’t quite do it justice. Back when I was one of those people who browsed newsgroups, someone on alt.horror used to have a line from this flick as their signature and I still remember it now, which probably goes to show how much I was on there. So for a good few years of my life the title was usually in the back of my mind, even if I never sought out the movie.

Thankfully that all changed.

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