Night #18: Devil’s Pass (2013)


Directed By: Renny Harlin

Oh Renny Harlin, what to make of you. From the heights of The Long Kiss Goodnight and Cuthroat Island to following some drippy Americans around a snowy hill. Welcome to The Devil’s Pass or The Dyatlov Pass Incident if you’re nasty…and lived in another country.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is indeed a real thing, when a group of climbers were found dead. There were 9 in total, six died exposed to the elements and the other 3 died by other means, including one who was missing her eyes and tongue. They were mostly undressed and it was determined this came from paradoxal undressing. Their tents were ripped open and it was determined that an external force forced them flee.

Since then theory has run rampant about what might’ve caused them to flee the safety of their tents into a freezing night. This has ranged from an avalance to the same thing that all conspiracies came back to; Bigfoot and the ruling elite.

It’s a fascinating story, so naturally we spend this movie following these 5 dickheads instead. We learn early on that they’ve all gone missing, so most of the tension goes out of the window before their trip even starts. After that there’s not a lot to it. We just follow the group until the inevitable happens and the resolution twists itself into great knots to be interesting.

They go to Russia and say things like “Hey, the Cold War is over!” when getting into an argument with locals, so that insured that I wasn’t really interested in their fates. Even when that comes it’s entirely a letdown, straying into some real dubious CGI territory and then ending with a twist that’s…well it’s not really a twist. It’s just a nonsensical decision.

Anyway that’s it for this one. It’s bad. Stay away from it.




Note to self: Stop watching bad found footage movies.


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