Night #31: The Fog (1980)


Directed By: John Carpenter

Look for the fog.

Well I was going to do a big buildup and maybe suggest that I watched Halloween and then you were going to be shocked that I watched this instead and we were all going to laugh about about it but there’s no avoiding that, taking a little break from tradition, I watched The FogContinue reading


Night #30: Let’s Scare Jessica To Death (1971)


Directed By: John D Hancock

It’s not the cake!”

Well this is certainly an interesting one. I wanted to jump back and pick up something I hadn’t seen before for the penultimate night and well, this seemed as good a choice as any. With its Giallo-sounding title I expected something else certainly, but what I got was pretty interesting on its own.

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Night #25: Horror Express (1972)


Directed By: Eugenio Martin

Tell me, Mirov, what do you know about all the filth that’s going on here?”

Two Hammer legends combine in…not a Hammer movie. But that doesn’t matter because Horror Express comes with charms all of its own. The year is 1908 and Christopher Lee has discovered a man frozen in the ice. Being British in a foreign land he puts it in a box and brings it back home, seemingly thinking he has the right.

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