The Sunday Read: How Not To Make A Movie Edition

Making movies is a sort of alchemy. Elements are brought together, mixed together and it’s hoped that it turns out alright. Sometimes it works and other times you get The Canyons. 

It’s not that the film would work on paper, on paper it’s still the disaster it’s ended up becoming. It cast a male porn star in the lead (Who as it turned out was the most professional member of the cast) a sadly has-been former teen star, a writer who struck gold once and has lived off the glories ever since and a director whose filmography is filled with great movies but is probably a madman.

Still, while people like to point out the train-wreck that Lohan has become, it’s hard not to feel sorry for her here. Drowning in insecurity and without the guidance she desperately needed she paints a portrait of someone who’ll never be able to cope as long as they’re expected to live in the public eye, but who also can’t do without it.

So settle back and read the making of The Canyons and learn how movies are made:

The link. 


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