The Sunday Read: The Monday Edition

Hello everyone, did you enjoy the Oscars or did you find them overlong, overwrought and for some reason a little too enamoured with Chicago? Regardless, this didn’t go up yesterday so enjoy the Sunday read on a Monday – how novel!

This week is a little bit of minutia from the movie world, it’s a scan of some script pages from Raiders of the Lost Ark. While that seems fairly innocuous they’ve been annotated by Harrison Ford, offering comments on lines he doesn’t like and crucially, asking questions of his character. This is what happens when an actor is engaged in a project like that, they get an idea of what they would and wouldn’t say and why. Ford scribbles a note asking if Indy is a believer, a crucial question that’s the crux of his character in that film. What probably makes it even sadder is that Ford probably doesn’t make it to the end of his scripts these days, how else do you explain Random Hearts?

Here’s the scant few pages that we have, as the complete thing was purchased at auction. Here’s hoping that kind sole makes it available soon.


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