They Used A Bad Word, or; Defending The Onion

First of all, we have to get this out of the way now: There will be numerous utterances of the C word to follow. If it offends you I apologise, but then I have a feeling if it did offend you then you wouldn’t be reading this to begin with. I also highly recommend people read Maryann Johnson’s piece on the joke right here.

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One Thing I Love Today…The Works of Russ Meyer

Oh we’re in for a treat.

Russ Meyer gained the name ‘King of the Nudies’, and not for nothing. Though he was most famously known for what was called ‘Sexploitation’, the satire and feminist streak inherent in his films often went unnoticed by people looking for a fun time. Of course that was there in abundance too, but with a sly sense of humour and a nod towards upending conservative values, his films often transcended the genre.

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Can I just borrow this?

Creating something is hard. There’s a quote from German writer Thomas Mann; “A Writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people” which I think sums up not just the act of writing, but any form of artistry. The quote could easily apply to a musician or a painter. A blogger reveals a lot – some would say too much – about themselves in the things that they write, similarly a comic strip writer tends to reveal a lot about themselves in the strips they create.

So what do you do when someone steals it?

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Things I’m loving right now: Essay Edition

I don’t know where I’d be without music. As much as movies, TV and reading consume my time; Music is the thing drives me the most. I listen to it when I run, I listen to it when i’m writing and I listen to it when I’m with the ladies…


Anyway, the excellent AVClub which is an offshoot of satirical news site The Onion have released a series of articles called ‘Whatever happened to Alternative Nation?’, an authors personal journey through the tumultuous 90’s music scene. From the pioneers to the rip-offs, and those embarrassing bands in between (Yes it’s time to throw away that Bush CD).

The link is below, set aside an hour or two and start at part 1 (Obviously).