So Uh…Hi.

So what’s been going on since (Let me just check the last post)…May. It’s been that long. Well first things first: I’m still alive. Or if I’m not this has been an impressive trick. 

There’s no excuses for leaving you, the discerning reader, other than to say life got in the way. Best laid plans and all that. But I’m back on a semi-regular schedule and I’m ready to write so…I will. 

So what’s been happening. Well Ben Affleck was cast as Batman and some idiots petitioned the White House. Clearly that’s been the biggest news this year since we’ve achieved world peace. I mean come on, do you think people would be petitioning the White House over Ben Affleck if there were real issues going on in the world….


Elmore Leonard died and it was a sad day for anyone who had taste. Basically pick up a book of his and read it. You can’t go wrong. See how engaging a sparse style can be – not every novelist can be Cormac McCarthy – and spend some quality time with some great characters. 

Oh and 31 Nights of Frights will be coming back, along with a few guest articles. Halloween is really the best time of year and October is the best month so I plan to celebrate the way I usually do, with armchair analysis of films in which dim-witted teens meet the business end of a pointy thing. 

Between now and then I’ll have some more to say so stay tuned. 



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