Night #31: Halloween (1978)

Directed By: John Carpenter

Death has come to your little town, sheriff.”


I couldn’t resist. I tried viewing something else but the allure is too strong. So this year, again, I’ve watched Halloween. It’s appropriate after all, like watching A Christmas Carol or Die Hard over Christmas. There’s really nothing better for getting in the mood than a good movie. So even after all this time what can I say about it? Well nothing I’ve not said before and on numerous occasions. The movie just works. After countless viewings I’m always finding something to appreciate.

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Night #20: Halloween H20 (1998)

Directed By: Steve Miner

Oh, we’ve got a psychotic serial killer in the family who loves to butcher people on Halloween, and I just thought it in bad taste to celebrate.”

I guess we’re in an unofficial sequel run this week, which suits me fine. It was during a Netflix browse (Where usually there’s too much choice for me to make a committed decision) that I realised I’d never actually seen this sequel to the great Halloween. 

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Night #28: A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge

A Nightmare On Elm Street was such a massive success on release that it was inevitable that a sequel would be released as soon as possible. That is, of course, what happens. So one was rushed into production and almost a year to the day later Freddy’s Revenge was released. But how do you follow up a film like Nightmare On Elm Street?

Well by making the sequel about one man’s struggle to come to terms with his homosexuality.

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Halloween Shopping In Poundstretcher, AKA, The Things I Do For You

Poundstretcher is, how to put this…It is a cheap shop. I don’t mean cheap to be synonymous with bad at all. There’s nothing there that would endanger your kids or anything like that. But it’s the type of place you go to buy industrial size vats of Nescafe coffee, or whatever the Chinese equivalent of a Pot Noodle is. I walked past one day I saw their poster advertising their Halloween stock and, like a moth attracted to light, I knew I had to go in there. I had an idea in my mind of what it would be. Crappy plastic teeth, some fake blood that game in a bottle labeled, appropriately enough, ‘Fake Blood’ so I entered and…

…well let me ask you this. Is it possible to be more right than you thought you were going to be?

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