It’s That Time Of Year Again….

Hello faithful reader, and hello to those unfaithful ones too (You know who you are) life has got in the way of this here little blog and…well I won’t bore you with the excuses and the reasons, but what’s more important is that we’re here now, ready for the best season of the year. 

First of all, see Looper – It’s brilliant. Then come back and read or comment on the yearly tradition, at least for me, 31 Nights of Frights. “But James“, you might say if you knew me, “I was here last year and I didn’t see it“. Yes well illness took me last year and the whole thing was abandoned. But not this year! I have my list of films and to make up for the the horror show of last year there may be some other goodies coming your way too – now isn’t that exciting?

The first entry goes up later tonight. So tell your friends, subscribe, do whatever you can to make this effort seem a little worthwhile. You keep reading and I’ll keep writing – that’s a pretty fair deal I’d say. 


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