Night #12: The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste (1935)

Directed By: Denison Clift

Ok so I made a mistake. I’ve always loved the story of the Mary Celeste and due to pressing time I needed something that was reasonably short. On top of that the poster art was nicely atmospheric so why not give this one a go?

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Night #11: The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)

Directed By: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

When is a remake not a remake? It’s not a trick question really, and while this movie falls ostensibly into that category, it also acknowledges that there was a movie released back in 1976. In fact, every year it’s screened for the enjoyment of the town of Texarkana, where the original killings took place. But is being meta enough to separate this from any other run of the mill slasher?

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Night #5: WNUF Halloween Special (2013)

Directed By: ???

The legend surrounding this movie was one of the more interesting things about it. There was no official release, instead bootlegs tapes were left at conventions and sometimes tossed out into the street at random, hoping to capture some of that Blair Witch Project magic. It clearly didn’t make the dent that movie did, since chances are you’ve never heard of it, but nonetheless this is a great little entry into the found-footage genre. And it’s actually found footage too!

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Night #4: As Above, So Below (2014)

Directed By: Andrew Dowdle

First off, I think it’s about time to make some sort of distinction between what is and isn’t ‘found footage’. Something like The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield is essentially found footage. The whole framing device tells us that, but for something like this, or arguably Paranormal Activity the filming is just a conceit, one as natural as choosing to shoot in black and white, or poorly mixed dialogue (I’m looking at you Christopher Nolan).

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