Night #15: Friday The 13th: Jason Lives

Our journey, faithful reader, into the saga of one Jason Vorhees, ends here with the sixth installment in the series.

Jason Lives is, for some reason, the entry I’m most familiar with. It seemed like it was always the one that was getting aired on TV and it was the one I was looking most forward to in this re-watch. Gone is the psychological slant of Part II, out the window goes the sexually infused makings of The Final Chapter, instead we have a different beast entirely.

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Night #14: Final Destination 5

Ah plans. There’s some saying about plans are the best way to make God laugh. And that’s what happened when I said I was going to view Jason Lives tonight. DVD problems prohibited that and for some reason all the films were taken off Netflix on the 1st October – great timing there.

So instead we’ll take a look at another long running franchise that reduces the slasher formula to it’s most base elements.

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