Genuine Badness Is A True Artform

There’s bad, and then there’s bad. Once upon a time there was a film called The Room. Auteur/melted candle lookalike Tommy Wiseau wrote/directed/produced/acted in a melodrama that was meant to end in a crescendo of tragedy, but instead had audiences howling with laughter.

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One Thing I Love Today…The Works of Russ Meyer

Oh we’re in for a treat.

Russ Meyer gained the name ‘King of the Nudies’, and not for nothing. Though he was most famously known for what was called ‘Sexploitation’, the satire and feminist streak inherent in his films often went unnoticed by people looking for a fun time. Of course that was there in abundance too, but with a sly sense of humour and a nod towards upending conservative values, his films often transcended the genre.

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