One Thing I Love Today…This 80’s classic

When someone says utters something about a classic from the 80’s, it’s invariable that they’ll be referring to Gremlins, or Back To The Future or even The Goonies (The latter is only really applicable if you like films where the lead characters all shout their lines). For me though that list stretched way beyond that and into the films of one Larry Cohen.

Outside of being known to people like me, Cohen is probably most well known for writing the Colin Farrell vehicle Phone Booth but during the late 70’s/80’s he had a great run of films including It’s Alive, God Told me To and Q (Which bears the immortal tagline It’s name is Quetzalcoatl… just call it Q, that’s all you’ll have time to say before it tears you apart!). My favourite of these is The Stuff, a low budget (As they all were) affair about what’s ostensibly a killer frozen yoghurt. The who, why and what doesn’t really matter, the film literally starts with some men finding the titular stuff oozing out of the ground and deciding to eat it…as you do, but what does matter is what happens afterwards.

The stuff is a massive success, addictive almost, and so a corporate spy (Played with effortless charm by Michael Moriarty) is sent out to see just what makes it so addictive. What he, and the vaguely racist named Chocolate Chip Charlie (Yes he’s black) find is what makes up the rest of the film. Suffice to say I won’t spoil it here, but what it is is a lot of low budget fun.

So Larry Cohen and The Stuff, I salute you and I salute the line I still try and use to this day:

You’re not as dumb as you appear to be. 

No one is as dumb as I appear to be.

And with that, enjoy this trailer.

Until next time folks.


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