One Thing I Love Today…Impossible is Nothing

Let’s talk CV’s.

I’m in the midst of reworking my CV and in doing so I thought again of this, somewhat famous video.

Impossible is Nothing is the title of a video resume by a gentleman by the name of Aleksey Vayner. Looking largely like an eastern European Patrick Bateman, he spends over six minutes answering one, simple question:

How do some people like yourself become very proficient in their field much faster than most?

Vayner then spends the rest of the video essentially telling you how great he is, mainly at sports.

What’s brilliant about the video, aside from the obvious, is that he spends exactly zero time during his answer to explain such simple things as why he would be a good employee, or what he’s achieved in his career. The only hint towards this is the minor title of ‘CEO’ he grants himself at the end (Along with the title ‘Professional Athlete‘). Vayner doesn’t explain what exactly he’s the CEO of, but like his athlete claim, he seems to think just saying it makes it true.

From what I understand the video would be something he would refer potential employers to as part of his application (Which also, hilariously, included a glamour shot of the dashing Mr Vayner), which is why it lacks contact information etc, what that doesn’t explain though is why there’s a dedication to some poor soul at the end. Giving Vayner’s penchant for bending the truth I wouldn’t be surprised if that person was made up as well.

I love that there are people like Vayner in the world, even if he does look like the first person to suggest cannibalism after surviving a plane crash.

For more reading on Vayner, check out this excellent New Yorker piece, which runs down some more of his ludicrous claims.


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