Night #11: Paranormal Farm 2 (2018)


Directed By: Carl Medland

How do you follow up something like Paranormal Farm? Well you just make another one. Is making another one a good idea? Well…no. I don’t think so.

Even though Carl died at the end of the last one (Spoilers) he’s back again, driving to the farm just as he did the first time around. Oh but this is actually Carl the actor and director you see and the first movie was all fiction. Well, mostly. Carl really does have the psychic gift and a girl really did go missing but it wasn’t Lucy and Darren’s daughter. They were just acting you see, though it’s based on something real. Kind of.

The idea of the original movie being fake but this one being real is a time honoured tradition, and I’ll exemplify this with the only example I can actually think of, the underrated Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. In this we get to see Carl and his cast watch a YouTube review of the first movie, or scroll through negative Amazon reviews and I have to admit this stuff is kind of interesting and does a good job of blurring that line between reality and fiction. As it did the first time around it all comes down to Lucy and Darren who prove themselves to be just as much a find. There almost certainly wasn’t a script, so they have to react to either the praise or criticism of their performances as regular people and knowing those reviews are real adds some authenticity that you wouldn’t otherwise get from a sequel.

Though it’s arguably some of the best material in the movie, it also adds the biggest disconnect when the cast have to acknowledge that they’re real people with real stories but then have to pretend that a girl did go missing and that there is a beast roaming around out there. There’s a more interesting movie in there somewhere about Lucy and Darren dealing with skirting some kind of infamy and the attention that brings (Darren mentions that “a few guys in the pub” saw the movie and that’s probably more interesting than anything else happening).

Eventually though the plot, such as it is, kicks in and we have to get through some phone-filmed scares again. If you don’t like clown masks than Carl has you covered here just as much as he did in the first movie, as that’s pretty much all you get. There was one good fake out that I liked involving a change in perspective but it’s a case of too little too late, and like Hell House LLC 2 seems to end up with a sequel set-up in lieu of any real conclusion.

But who am I fooling. I’ll be back for Lucy and Darren.


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