Night #5: Girls Nite Out (1984)


Directed By: Robert Deubal

So technically this movie was first released in 1982 under the name The Scaremaker before finding life under a new name 2 years later. That should tell you all you need to know about this one. According to IMDB it had a “test-run theatrical release”, whatever that means, before coming out properly. What I suspect happened is that someone bought something that had already failed, changed the name to something that sounded a little more lurid, slapped that shitty poster together and made some money back.

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Night #17: Detention

Music video Director Joseph Kahn first burst on the scene with Torque, a mostly misunderstood film that pointed out how ridiculous The Fast and Furious films were. Sadly this was mistaken for an attempt to jump on the F&F bandwagon by audiences and critics who seem insistent on taking things at face value and will forever be on the same shelf as Biker Boyz in your local Blockbuster. So what do you do when you’re reeling from a failure like that? Well you self finance a bizarre and brilliant film and unleash it on the unsuspecting public.

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