They caught Jack the Ripper…again

One of the more enduring mysteries of time, like who built the pyramids or how does Gwyneth Paltrow have a career is, who the hell was Jack the Ripper? It’s unlikely that we’ll actually ever really know: Too much time has passed and evidence is scant, but that doesn’t stop speculation and accusation from running wild and out of that world comes someone claiming that, for real this time, they’ve got the guy.

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Why Are Fanboys Racist?

There was a rumour this week that actor Michael B Jordan, best known for Friday Night Lights, Chronicle and The Wire will be starring as Johnny Storm, AKA The Human Torch in a new Fantastic Four reboot. It’s a great idea, until fanboys get involved. You see the problem is that Michael B Jordan is black, whereas Johnny Storm is as white as that thing people do where they roll cheese down a hill and chase after it.

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All Apologies.

Sometimes illness gets the better of you. Having been struck down earlier this month, I had hoped to catch up with my movie watching and reviews and bring on the 31 Nights of Frights you all know and love. Sadly that’s been unable to happen. Though I have about 5 or 6 reviews ready to go, catching up on another 10 movies plus writing about them seemed a task that was just bigger than me. So instead I have a proposal, I’ll do a Halloween countdown, adding daily content for your pleasure (Including reviews). So that way you get a little something from the site each day, like an advent calender without the cheap chocolate, but 100% more horror.

Sound like a deal?


To guide or to censor…

When The Human Centipede was released last year it caused just the right amount of furore that a film about linking people up by their ass and mouth should cause. The director, Tom Six, perhaps sensing that the film wasn’t actually as graphic or as vile as it was made out to be, made the proclamation that the sequel would make the original look like My Little Pony.

Well it seems he was successful as this week the BBFC announced they will not be classifying the film, as no amount of cuts would make it releasable, thus basically banning the film.

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When winning isn’t…

Some days I think I wouldn’t wish celebrity on my worst enemy. It’s hard to feel sympathy for someone like Jordan for instance, a person who strives to remain relevant long after any discernible ‘talent’ has dried up. That’s not to pick on Jordan of course, that statement can probably be applied to any number of models, reality stars, singers and actors. But the rule still applies to her. If you court the limelight the way some ‘celebs’ do then it makes it hard to turn around and claim an intrusion of privacy, not least when you’re actively calling around and arranging a time and place where you can ‘accidently’ be caught stumbling out of a nightclub.

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