Excuses, Excuses…

In which I think about just what I’ve been up to…

So the Halloween experiment was something of a failure (In some regards, I’ve had some nice feedback though). But where have I been since? Well that’s the question. Truth is dear reader that I got a little burned out over October. Working full time and watching too many films isn’t all that advisable, unless your job IS to watch films then I suppose that’s forgiveable.

Anyway I got some things coming up. I will finish up those belated ‘The Walking Dead’ recaps I swear, and I owe Dave Cullen that review of his fantastic book. I’m also toying with the idea of recapping some shows from the start, so if you have any ideas for shows old or new then please let me know.

There’s some reviews coming up of both music and movies so that’s something to look forward to. Sometimes life just gets in the way…


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