A Roundup: The End of all things.

Where I take a look over the last 31 nights, and wonder if it could’ve gone better.

This is technically the third year I’ve done this, and I have to say it gets harder. Last year was easy, I was unemployed at the time. Hell I even found the time to add little poster images to each review. This year I had a full time paying gig and other commitments and it proved a little harder to pull off.

I fear I may have let you down dear reader. I do stand by my written word even though I know that some were not exactly great reads. I hope though that I’ve provided a little insight into some flicks you’ve seen, or have sent you out to hunt down a few flicks you haven’t.

Anyway, I thought a fun way to end this would be to show off a couple of videos. Almost like an awards show. So without further ado…


This was a tough one. There’s been countless chompings, knife kills, gun shots, animal kills and one or two explosions, but I guess one of my favourites was the sleeping bag death from Prophecy. Embedded below is the kill, and it tickles me every time. Yes I know that the killing of a child by a mutated bear shouldn’t be funny, but it just IS alright?

See, Brilliant.


There’s no competition, it has to be the “Fucked to death by a giant space maggot” from Galaxy of Terror. It’s just bad news. I feel bad for the actress, writhing in some kind of yucky mess while an offscreen puppeteer operates a large fleshy bulbous mess between your legs. She goes out like a trooper though, and even has some fun while she’s at it.

Worst Film

Now that’s a tough one, had this been last year or the year before that then there would’ve been countless films I could’ve chosen from. Had I gone ahead with my threat (On myself?) and actually watched Manos: The Hands of Fate then it would’ve been that. Instead I’ll have to say it was a tie between Sleepy Hollow and Paranormal Activity. Neither film was actively bad, but both were middling and had me looking for other things to do. Sleepy Hollow looks gorgeous a lot of the time, but it’s totally empty as an experience. Paranormal Activity is just variations of the same scare played out over 90 minutes.

Best Film

Either Halloween or Trick ‘R Treat have provided me with the best time. Halloween is a stone cold classic. It’s scary, it looks gorgeous and there’s not a bad performance in there. Trick ‘R Treat is just fun. It’s an EC Comic come to life, and while I’m sure viewing it every year might prove a bit of overkill, right now it’s just a bloody good time.

What’s next?

Well I’m going to to that Book review of Columbine I promised. We’ll also be reviewing The Walking Dead starting these weekend (To keep in line with the UK pace). I’ll be hopefully posting up some short stories etc, provided that 1) They’re good, and 2) That I can actually keep them short.

All in all this was maybe a bit of a blowout year. But I got some things ready for Christmas that should be fun, and hey, there’s always next year.


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