Night #5: The Loved Ones

OK so that was unexpected.


It’s hard to talk about The Loved Ones because, like Tikashi Mike’s Audition, it’s a film that benefits from not knowing anything about it. Here’s the set up though; Girl ask boy out to the Prom. He says no and laughs it off with his girlfriend. Girl’s father isn’t happy and brings Boy home. Things ensue…


Really that’s all you need to know about this film (And why I need to keep this short. There’s a lot to talk about, but only with someone who’s seen it). You might be tempted to go and watch the trailer now as well. DON’T! Sadly the trailer gives away almost everything that happens from the start to the end and it spoils the many twisted surprises on offer. Do be warned though, the film is graphic, and I guess the dreaded ‘Torture Porn‘ term will come up once or twice in discussion. Personally, if I may digress, I think the term is never really applicable. I think torture has been misused in Movies (Turistas, Captivity) but handing the moniker of ‘porn’ to it implies people watch just for the torture scenes. I don’t think it’s true. People just want to be scared, and currently we’re just riding that wave; Like we did slasher Movies or monster Movies.


Anyway, the performances are pretty good all around with Robin McLeavy as Lola being the standout. I hope this film gets seen by the right people because she’s simply brilliant. Again I’d like to say why but that would be giving too much away. Not the best blog/review I know. But hey, you’ll thank me when you see me.


Up Next: A beastly weekend.


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