Twitter Outrage, Or; How To Get Offended At A Joke That Didn’t Happen.

A funny thing happened today on Twitter. Comedian Patton Oswalt tried an experiment wherein he created some faux outrage, just to see the results. Unsurprisingly for the Internet, the results were exactly as you might have expected.

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A Few Words About Opening Lines.

First lines are important. In some ways they’re the most important part of anything you’ll write or read. A great first line should invite the reader in, it should invite them to take a seat and want to hear more.

Not to get too base about it but if you’re the fish then the first line is the hook and the author just needs to reel you in. See, that was a metaphor. I might use a simile later too.

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Why Are Fanboys Racist?

There was a rumour this week that actor Michael B Jordan, best known for Friday Night Lights, Chronicle and The Wire will be starring as Johnny Storm, AKA The Human Torch in a new Fantastic Four reboot. It’s a great idea, until fanboys get involved. You see the problem is that Michael B Jordan is black, whereas Johnny Storm is as white as that thing people do where they roll cheese down a hill and chase after it.

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A Short Lesson On Three Words We All Need To Avoid

This all started when I was listening to Mark Kermode reviewing Django Unchained. Though I have to listen to him again miss the point of Inglorious Basterds (And for someone as smart as Kermode he seems to miss the point of a lot of films, barely seeing past their surface elements, unless of course it’s a film he likes – but that’s a post for another time) he launches into his criticism of Django. A few buzzwords appear here and there and it’s about what I expected. He’s generally smart in what he says, I just don’t tend to agree with him.

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Hold me, for I’ve just played Spec Ops: The Line

The enemy is holed up in front of you. It’s a suicide mission if you try and pass. It’s just you and your two squad mates against countless troops. Your partner notices something off to the side somewhat fortuitously;  It’s white phosphorous. It’ll burn up everyone in its path. It’s an ugly solution but you’re in too deep now. You have to keep going.

You make the choice, or rather the game makes it for you. You have to press on. Turning off the game is always an option too, should you want to. You fire up the monitor and white dots on the screen represent your enemy. You point at them and fire. The white dots vanish in a monochromatic blaze. More dots. You point and fire. Point and fire. Point and fire.

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