On Knowing When Is When

It always starts off with the best intentions. There’s an idea, be it a character or a scene or an image. Before it’s gone you grab a hold of it and hold on to see where it takes you. Sometimes you ride them out and each new idea reveals a new one behind it and before you know it you’re soaring through the clouds and you get lost in that world.

Sometimes though, like that metaphor, you hit the ground with a thud.

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We Need To Talk About Amy, Or; Here Are A Bunch Of Gone Girl Spoilers

Have you seen Gone Girl yet? If not you really should. It’s trashy, satirical, fun and seems like something Brian DePalma would’ve made after Dressed To Kill. Yes. Fun. You read that right. The movie has a dark heart at its centre, and David Fincher, along with author Gillian Flynn, have brought it beating to life.

But this specifically is to talk about Amy, and her actions in the movie. Suffice to say, I’ll be spoiling the hell out of it.

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